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The Lab School encourages learning both inside the classroom and outside. We actively promote sports activities to keep our students fresh and energetic. Sports are a big part of life at TLS, and we will continue to work hard to give new opportunities for our students to shine.

Achievements are inevitable with the skills-based programs we offer at TLS. Our students participated in various events and stood prominent in many competitions.
– 1st Position: Robotics: Gadgeteer Tournament Generations School
– 1st Position: Robotics, Baitussalam Olympiad 2020
– 1st Position: Math Quiz, Baitussalam Olympiad 2020
– 3rd Position: Physical Fitness-Junior, Baitussalam Olympiad 2020

Congratulations to the high achievers and best of luck to those who couldn’t make it this time.

Dr. Zeeshan-ul-Hassan Usmani is an internationally

famed data scientist and scholar in the field of computer science. The Lab School has the honor to host Dr. Zeeshan-ul-Hassan Usmani and have an enlightening session on how to prepare your child for the future.

Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Leader

We understand that knowledge is the key to success and reading books is a great source of that knowledge. At TLS, we conduct a ‘Read Hour’ to make sure reading books becomes a habit for our students.

The new semester has begun and our students are all prepared for a year full of learning. The new year brings new possibilities and new opportunities to learn something new. The excitement is definitely in the air and the thirst for knowledge can never be extinguished. The Lab School welcomes back its students and aims to make 2020 a productive and knowledgable year for all.

The Lab School emphasizes on learning beyond the classroom because there are some lessons that you experience for yourself. Educational Trips are an integral part of the TLS curriculum, as it brings the students closer to nature and they can learn to appreciate its intricacies and nuances. It also gives an opportunity to mentors & teachers to develop a more interpersonal relationship with their students. #TLS #TheLabSchool #trip #winder #Baluchistan #Design #Admission2020 #MasteryBasedLearning #IndependentLearning #ProjectBasedLearning #Portfolio #GoalSetting #StudentAgency

The Lab School believes in a sustainable future for Pakistan and is taking steps to lessen the environmental impact. The students and faculty of TLS conducted plantation activity at Hill Park, in order to beautify the landscape. Our objective is to preserve the environment and pave the way to a greener Pakistan.