TLS Internship Opportunities

We have a competitive internship program for motivated high school and college students interested in volunteering at TLS. We only accept a few applicants each year, and volunteers must undergo a rigorous interview process and background check. If you’re a student or recent graduate who is passionate about our mission, lives near North Nazimabad, and would like to volunteer at our school, please look for internship postings – including PBL, marketing, and Personalized Based Learning – on our Careers page.

Volunteering as a TLS Parent

The Lab School has a Parent Partnership Program (PPP) whose purpose is to build and sustain a strong school community by providing communication and support for parents, students, team members, and alumni.

Each parent/guardian with a student at TLS is encouraged to be a member of the Parent Partnership Program. Regular PPP meetings are held to provide a forum for the discussion of matters relevant to the Parents: parent volunteer activities, fundraising, and parent social events. In addition, the school provides regular Coffee Meetings in order to address academic updates and concerns specific to each Independence Level.

In order to foster school participation and a sense of school spirit, we encourage TLS families to find volunteer opportunities that fit their schedule and interests. There are multiple ways for parents to contribute as members of  the The Lab School community:

• Become an Independence Level (IL) Representative. Each IL has one parent Representative. IL Reps attend regular meetings and help to facilitate a healthy flow of information.

• Join a volunteer committee. Committees will be formed and announced throughout the year, as needed, to lead and assist with a variety of events, including fundraising, graduation, and community celebrations. These opportunities may also be highlighted on our school’s internal volunteer website.

• Volunteer to lead an Extended Day club or course.