Graduate Profile

What does a TLS student embody?

• Character Strengths. Students practice being conscientious, curious, entrepreneurial, perseverant, self-aware, self-regulated, and socially intelligent.

• Cognitive Skills. Students develop strong habits of the mind, such as communication, inquiry, analysis, and synthesis, diagnosis, innovation, reasoning, and managing complexity.

• Global Citizenship. Students learn that they are part of the Ummat of RasulAllah (SW) globally regardless of their nationality and language. The Ummati becomes restless when another Ummati in pain in any part of the world.

• Creation. Students build their creative confidence to develop ideas and solutions through design thinking, engineering, leadership, and through the expression of artistic and emotional beauty.

• Purpose. Students explore and develop a talent or passion during their years at TLS, which will be highlighted in their portfolio.

• Independence. Students develop the capacity to set, meet, and hold themselves accountable for meaningful goals on their own.