• Expert.  Team members have expertise in a particular field of education or discipline and engage in professional development to remain at or reach the top of their field.

• Mentor. Team members guide student and team member learning and growth. As mentors, teachers meet one-on-one for regular goal-setting, monitoring, and support check-ins. Team members challenge and inspire students, and each other, by providing consistent, constructive feedback.

• Curator.  Team members gather and synthesize content, context, and concepts for learning.

• Tutor.  Team members offer one-on-one and small group mini-lessons to deepen conceptual understanding.

• Project Designer.  Team members create high quality and innovative projects for contextualized learning, in collaboration with colleagues and students.

• Assessor.  Team members review student work and progress and use data to assess students’ independence and to gauge progress on mastery of content.

• R&D.  Team members adopt and develop best practices, contributing their own learnings and best practices to the larger education community.

• Lifelong Learner.  Team members are role models who exemplify lifelong curiosity and exploration.